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Single Review: “Loud Love” – Iris Harley. Words: Sammy Stein.

Iris Harley is a vocalist who has been influenced by iconic figures like Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald. Following her dream to express her feelings in music and lyrics, she began writing her own songs. Her previous release, the wonderfully fluid ‘Love Your Vibe’ (well worth checking out on Bandcamp – see link below) was about a ‘wow’ moment when two people meet for the first time and summed up the emotive journey of that powerful interaction.  

Now with ‘Loud Love’ Harley captures the emotions she feels about love and the sensations that come with it. It is the same love, she says, she feels when she sees a brilliant blue sky in the day, or the inky blackness of the night sky. The vastness of love is never-ending – just like the skies above.

The song is powerful, soulful, and deeply evocative with R&B and jazz influences. Harley’s control and resonant chest voice notes make this an emotive listen. She purrs her way through the sensual, deftly arranged number with the confidence and audacity of an experienced chanteuse and her sustained notes are just glorious. Her range is wide and her intonations stunning.  

This is laid-back music for the soul with a beating heart.

Loud Love is out on Sing With Soul Records on 5th July

Link to the previous release

▶︎ I Love Your Vibe | Iris Harley (


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