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Single Review: “Know Me” – Days Of Rome

The thing I like about this song is its quirkiness, the intro makes you think it’s a soulful slow jam, but when the beat drops, it’s anything but.

What do I mean? 

Well at around 0:10 a trumpet comes in, and then we get treated to a scratch, straight into the drums, bass, and guitar joining in.

This is some beautiful work. 

I love the chorus because of the catchiness of it, the background vocals are well rounded out, some top notch harmonies here.

Overall, the vocals are a mixture of soulful singing and rapping, and it blends together well!

I love it. 

Looking at their instagram, it looks like this was done at Abbey Road….

Kudos lads.

Days Of Rome are from the south of the UK, and their message is simple.

Save the bees.

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