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Single Review: “Angel” – Sinead Campbell

Wow. This is the 70s throwback I didn’t know I needed today. This has everything – a glockenspiel, electric piano, flute, guitar run through a wah and drums and bass with a pocket deeper than Elon Musk. But let’s salute Sinead’s vocals here – she goes from playful to straight down the line jazz and soul vibe… I love this song, it’s the chorus that sold it for me! Wow!

This song is essentially a love song, dedicated to someone and boy is it apparent in the lyrics:

“Fill my cup with an abundance of love,
In you I have a home (I love this line)
I don’t have to think twice
You’re someone I trust
This is love it’s not lust,
You’re the one I choose your heart’s pure
I choose you.”

The breakdown at 2:19…. Yeah. Smashed it!

Sinead Campbell, is a Jamaican- Irish, Northern powerhouse soul singer. She delivers a vintage soul vibe, infused with the modern allure and warmth of contemporary tracks, creating a timeless fusion. The catchy grooves and her smooth emotion-infused vocals weave tales of love and introspection.


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