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Single Review: “Scream” – Ben Chango

Well! This is a fabulous piece of punk rock isn’t it? It starts off with a melodic bass line that is higher up in the register – really good bass work by the way – before settling into the song properly – joined by sticks clicking together as well as a snare, kick and tom combination. The guitar is playing the lower end so it makes a great switch!

This is full of energy, but my highlights are the stops and starts and shouts of hey hey hey. But the bassline is my favourite part of the song because the two string solo at 2:04 is genius just the way it’s played is just so subtle – plus the little beats on the ride cymbal…

The banshee screams will haunt my dreams for nights to come…


This song just BANGS!

Proper rock n roll.

Ben Chango describe themselves as Sir Benneth of Chango Est. 2024. Punky/Surfy/Indie Rock from London.

I can work with that.

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