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Single Review:-“Every House Gets Dark When The Sun Goes Down” – Project Blackbird

This is the second single from the upcoming Project Blackbird album, and it reinforces what I’ve always known about this band. 

They produce damn fine songs. 

This starts off with an electric piano bathed in warm chorus, over which trumpet player Jon Read plays a really simple melody over this chord progression – G Maj B maj C and it repeats until Ming’s voice comes in over a guitar that gives me Cory Wong vibes – muted but also with a bit of a twang. 

Lyrically, this song deals with men’s mental health, this is my favourite part of the song: 

“I’m like a twister trapped in a cradle
I’m just an illness nobody sees
I’m tired of this world that we live in
and I want someone to listen to the people I’ve been.”

The trumpet solo at 3:03 deserves a chef’s kiss.

This is taken from Project Blackbird’s forthcoming album and I can’t wait. 



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