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Single Review: “Ruby” – Offing

This is the new single from my friend Offing. It’s not your run of the mill indie pop song, it’s a different time signature to most, 6/8 time with a slight swing to it. I love the stops and starts and the synths deployed here – having looked at her instagram I think she’s using a classic synth – the Roland JD800… at least I hope so. I loved that beast!

The way this starts off is great I love the way it starts off by not giving anything away in the chords as to where it’s going, the synth sound is classic and has a slight warble to it. Offing’s vocals come in gently, there’s a warmth to her vocals, my favourite part is the verse at 2:11 the harmonies just join to create something really sweet over the lyrics: 

“Wrap in your worn out threads,

Make a wish, 

Scarlet is in your head so feast yourself,

Blow out the candle and close your eyes,

Feel The noises fade aside.”

What a build!

What a song. 

Offing is a musician and multimedia artist with a unique creative vision informed by her cultural heritage from a suburban city in South Korea. Through her musical output, Offing seeks to craft a distinctively laid-back, alternative rock sound infused with subtle experimental touches. Her multidisciplinary approach to artistry also extends to her work in video graphics, animation, and illustration, as she continues to explore new ways to express her creativity and engage with audiences.



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