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Single Review: “Save Yourself From Me” – Jim Pearson

This is track three from Jim’s new album “Death To Mortality”, and is probably my favourite track on the album especially for the bass groove from 2:11 in. This song fuses a bit of 70s prog rock with the synths, folk rock style vocals, and the soulful musicianship. The bassline has a hint of James Jamerson and 80’s basslines to it, especially the way that Russ Sergeant combines melody with pocket here. It seems like he’s the one that’s guiding the track with his bassline as it seems to be built around it your ears are drawn to it immediately, not to mention that the guitar and synths also follow it really well… I like the way timing also has an offbeat in the chorus, bringing things back into perspective. I also need to point out another part of the song which I really like which is at 1:55 there’s a vocoder here to really bring the song out even more.

What a way to begin 2024!

“You never can be sure what kind of project Jim will come up with next, but you can always be sure it’s gonna be pretty darn good.” Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music.

Jim’s songs range from the whimsical to some of the most bitter and somber themes, yet always with a paradoxical childlike spirit that meets them head-on – wide-eyed and full of hopeful energy.




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