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Single Review: “How Can You Sit There?” Kael Alden


That first sung note is glorious! Such power, it made me sit up and take note that this wasn’t just any ordinary track.

The song starts off with a line that’s sung so powerfully you just can’t help but want to hear more to see where it’s going. 

“How can you sit there and let this happen?”

That’s it. That’s the line.

So simple but that’s all that’s needed. 

The beat drops in, bassline and guitar playing a simple progression, it’s hypnotic, and Kael comes in with some powerful vocals processed through effects to give it that solid punch, his falsetto is intriguing mr so much! Wow… 

Overall a very sparse production, but it’s to serve the song, and the vocal is the star here. 

This reminds me a bit of Portishead, especially of the “Dummy” album, it just makes me want to time travel back to that period of my life….

Kael Alden is a composer who grew up in a Colorado town, and according to his bio has always been surrounded by music learning piano in kindergarten, being exposed to his parents’ vinyl collection, and listening to the music of the games that he played.

What an education. 

He’s also an accomplished film and tv composer having written for the LA based music house Robot Repair, and part of the band Faded Paper Figures, and thanks to his PR, I now need to go seek out his work with them too…. 


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