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Blog interview: Justine Blazer

Hello Justine! How are you?

I am doing well! 

Congratulations on the release of “Joy!” How does it feel?

Thank you so much. It feels great. I released this album in July – I decided to do a ‘Christmas in July’ album. It’s a radical idea, but I thought, ‘hey, why not?’ It’s a fun record with 10 poppy holiday songs. I hope everyone can enjoy it.

What’s your favorite track from the album?

Oh, that is tough! But, I do like ‘Happy Little Holiday’ and ‘Kitty Kat Christmas.’

You’re having a pretty cool year with winning “Blues Album Of The Year” at the 2023 Josie Music Awards! Have you climbed down from the ceiling yet?

Not really! I am soaking it all in! I am trying to enjoy every moment. I worked really hard on this and I’m trying to savor every moment.

You also co-wrote, produced, mixed and mastered the project yourself. What was the easiest and most challenging part of the process for you?

The easiest part is the freedom I have. The hardest part is trusting myself to make the right calls because, at the end of the day, it’s my project and whether it succeeds or fails falls on me.

You are an artist and producer from Detroit Michigan – the place that gave the world Motown. How did it all begin for you?

I grew up in a very music-oriented family. I’ve been studying music my whole life. My mother owned a dance studio for 12 years. I started dance lessons at the age of 3, and my passion for music grew further from those experiences. I began singing lessons at age 5, which led to many competitions and different opportunities. I had my first paid show at age 7, where I sang at a mall. I continued studying piano, music theory, and voice throughout my childhood years. Eventually, it led to my full-time music career.

What did you listen to starting out?

Motown, showtunes, Broadway, dance music, and classical ballet. Because my mother owned a dance studio, I heard all kinds of music all the time. 

What’s your favorite Motown song?

“My Girl” and “Dancing in the Streets.” 

You’ve also got a song coming out that was featured on a Christmas movie. What’s your favorite Christmas film and why?

I did! It’s called ‘Journey to Christmas.’ It aired on October 29, 2023 on GAC. My favorite Christmas movies have to be ‘Home Alone’ and ‘Elf.’

Post-COVID: what have you learned about yourself in the last three years? Did you pick up any new skills?

I have learned to be comfortable with my own thoughts and creating boundaries. I have learned to say no to more stuff these days because I realize how valuable my time is.

What are you listening to at the moment?

I love EDM music. I am also listening to a lot of country these days because I am currently writing for a few country artists I am producing…and I need inspiration!

What’s next for you?

I am going to be releasing some new music in 2024. I am also working on my Avid Pro Tools and Dolby Atmos Certification with Pro Media Training out of Los Angeles.

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