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Single Review: “Just Like You” – Pamela Tully

This song starts off really quietly, as if the production isn’t complete….

Wait for it….

Waaaaaaait for it…. 0:44 made you jump didn’t it???

Yeah! That’s because this is pop rock perfection, guitars, vocals with attitude standing out in the mix. The producer did their job right here! I like the chorus with the great harmonies..

This song is about affirmation no hiding behind the wings of someone else: 

“When I get up off this floor,

I’m gonna run run I’m gonna soar, 

Cause you know I am not sick anymore,

I’m gonna get out,

Break through,

Stop hiding behind you”.


According to Pamela’s Spotify:

A brain tumour diagnosis in the middle of the pandemic with a possibility of having speech complications as a result of brain surgery led to taking chances, and realizing dreams. Pamela Tully is a singer songwriter from Kilnamanagh in Dublin, who has finally decided that now is the time to bring her music to life.
Her second single “Just Like You” releases on August 12th and is a real nod to her recent experience. “The song is an uplifting mix of pop and rock undertones that showcases the journey anyone with a health diagnosis might experience. The highs and devastating lows of recovery and adjusting to a new way of living”.
Her first single Battle Cry Baby, released early this year citing Rockpop with a nod to lady antebellum thrown in for good measure, “The song is all about arguing and fighting with the one person you truly love but in the end no one really wins even though you both want to be heard”.
Pamela is no stranger to the gigging scene growing up in wedding bands over the last 15 years but is now finding her voice and sound inspired by the events in her personal life. Watch out for more singles coming soon!

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