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Single Review: “POUR” – Alice Offley

Alice Offley just hit me in the gut with her bass, walked away laughing and left me doing the something stinks in the room face.

This is high praise.

Not many people get that award. Very rare. 

This song oozes funk, mixed with dance elements – synth bass to reinforce the live bass, four on the floor beat, sampled vocals chopped and sliced….

Alice are you slapping the bass there? 

Oh. Oh no. Oh no no no no no….. No you didn’t…

This track just has attitude, and Alice doesn’t let up with the bass, it just made me groove on my train on the way home, giving it a bit of a head nod. 

I like the fizzy synth chords in the intro, really tasty, and there are guitars giving us a bit of a tease of what she’s capable of, and I’m loving it.

Alice’s vocals and ability to carry this tune with a catchy melody is incredible, and is definitely doing the job….

So who is she? 

Well, Alice Offley is pretty well accomplished. But let’s talk about her pedigree for a tick.

She’s related to Dusty Springfield. 

This made me chuckle as I’m the son of a preacher man!

But my name is NOT Billy Ray.

Endorsed by Fender, and Casio she has toured the world with her own music as well as session work for Thompson Twins, Cyndi Lauper, and Tricky. 

Oh, wait I’m not done. 

There’s more.

A trained actress, she also performs as Christine Mcvie in a Fleetwood Mac tribute show, as well as having parts in British soap operas including Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Doctors, and Sex Education. 

Alice, be proud of what you have here. Brilliant tune.

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