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Single Review: “Something To Believe In” – Future Radio

This new one from South African duo Future Radio is anthemic, catchy chorus over raucous guitars and big drums…

This is beyond brilliant and just as I’d expect from these guys. 

“Give me something to believe in, give me me room so I can breathe…”

This song is so catchy, and living in a world where we are questioning things more, this is perfect. 

The air guitar is out and in full force by the way. That’s always a good sign.

I can see this being a song in the MCU. 

Disney? Kevin Feige are you listening?

Like I noted before this song is anthem material, big guitars big drums and the guys do it so well!

Well done lads…

According to their website: 

Brazen rock outfit, Future Radio, formed and released their debut album, Freedom, in 2020. The South Africa based duo consists of songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, Johnny Future as well as guitarist and visual artist, Drikus Roets. They cultivate their signature sound by fusing elements of alternative rock, riff rock and punk rock into – what they like to refer to as – future rock. Uncommon to other rock acts, this forward-thinking band places strong emphasis on visual storytelling. 

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