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Single Review: “Shade Of Green” – Lizzie Esau

Lizzie Esau returns with a song that explores her using spoken word at the beginning of the track… There are so many things I like about this song it sounds like everyone’s walking into a rehearsal or live stage and then sitting down to get this song going.. 

Lizzie’s talent for writing a catchy melody has not lost its light and this is one of the reasons why I love her, she had me from “Bitter Weather”, and I’m here to toot my horn for her. 

The spoken word interspersed within the track really works, I love the way Lizzie does this and shows the dynamics of her vocal performance. 

I love the fuzziness of the bass on this as well…. I can’t wait to see what Lizzie what does with this live!

By the way, love the harmonies that come in from 2:32 mark. NICE!

Lizzie says of this song: 

“Shade Of Green” was written at the end of summer of 2021 when I was seeing so many people I love and myself comparing everything we do and are to other people, and constantly feeling not good enough. It’s about jealousy turning you bitter and hateful to the point where your view is so warped, and you begin to turn against each other and rather than society and the media that has created these conventions. More than anything I wanted the message of this song to be not to compare yourself, drag each other down and or hate but to try to find ways to feel good enough and accept who you are.” 

Written by Lizzie Esau, music by Steve Grainger.

Producer: Steve Grainger

Vocals: Lizzie Esau

Drums: Alex Baker 

Bass: Joe Bennison 

Guitars: Shaun Chipp, Steve Grainger

Press Contact:

Special thanks to: Nina Sebastiane

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