Single Review: “Faith Over Fear” – Miles Pascall

Faith Over Fear – Miles Pascall 

This song is… quite simply put.. gorgeous. 

Why? Well, the first thing that gets you is the chord progression at the beginning, you’d think that it is purely in a minor key, but it changes up – the basic idea of major and minor chords a lot of people with basic knowledge would say that the major chords sound happier and minors sound sadder, and this is where the listener gets fooled, because it’s not a sad song. 

At all. 

It talks about overcoming fear with faith, it’s introspective and is a message that needs to be heard over and over again. 

The song is very sparse, nice chords aside. There’s just the piano which is beautifully mixed, and the addition of the Hammond organ later in the song… it just doesn’t need anything else. You could go and drums, bass strings even more backing vocals. 

No. Leave it as it is. Miles has done a great job here. He’s a poet, and has let his vulnerability show here. This song touches the soul. And it’s packed FULL of soul, with no need for vocal acrobatics. It just does the job. Well done Miles. 

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