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Single Review: “I Need A Holiday” – Alba

Alba is back with a summery track this is so chilled….starting off with an old school analogue drum machine, it’s not an 808, but it’s definitely one I need in my collection, it’s pleasing to the ear. The piano being played over the top and bass are played smoothly, this is a collaboration with someone I’m already a fan of… EDBL. BRILLIANT. He’s no slouch when it comes to collabs! Alba lays down her soulful vocal that I fell in love with on “Child Of The Stars”, and sings about wanting to escape on holiday – oh how we wish we could do that. I’d give anything to be walking around Camden food markets in the summer heat right now. Our time will come.

If you are not familiar with Alba’s work then get to know, she’s a damn fine guitarist, and will blow you away with her talent. I first discovered her on Fresh On The Net and I am glad she’s resurfaced with this. 

Check out our interview here.

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