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Single Review: “Doesn’t Matter What They Say” – Luke White

This is the new single from Luke White, and it is an acoustic led number, guitar beautifully played by the way. The lyrics look about the effects of social media, a struggle that we have all had at one point where you have looked at someone’s profile and compared yourself to them. 21st Century problems, right? 

This song is a really simple structure which makes it so easy to listen to, the drums are steady. The guitars are ever present as is the piano,. Luke’s voice is very pleasant to listen to, and in this song he’s essentially assuring someone that no matter what the world says they are not the world wants them to be, and that they can move on. Pretty solid advice. I wish people would heed that more. 

So, who’s Luke White? Well he’s a singer songwriter who counts John Mayer (Legend) Dermot Kennedy, Tracey Chapman among others as his influences. He started out at the age of 16 as a blues and rock guitarist, all through the pandemic he’s been writing new material and from the looks of this he’s used his time wisely. 

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