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Single Review: “The Power That Is Woman” – Ida Kudo


This song is so strong.. vocals, lyrically, musically, it is so well put together and it’s not afraid to challenge what is going on in the world… What do I mean about the lyrics? 

Well the opening line is:

“You got blood on your hands,

There’s blood in my pants, what’s the difference?

My blood is mine alone your blood’s 

from a life stolen.”

That’s powerful….

The beat itself is based around a Bossa nova, and hits hard, it’s still got that soulful edge, and I love the shouts of “Hey!” it catches your attention – plus you’ve got kettle drum hits – this song could have been written in the late 60s early70s with its vibe but with a modern take… Love the pizzicato strings too. 

IDA KUDO is a Japanese-Danish female artist who writes, produces, and performs her music. She has marketed herself as a strong upcoming talent in the underground indie-pop scene of Copenhagen. On the live-scene Ida Kudo indeed has a unique and strong stage presence, with her tribal sound and raw energy.

Her first new material in 4 years, IDA KUDO is kicking things off with lead single ‘The Power That Is Woman’, one of 5 tracks from her forthcoming EP ‘Proud’. The release is a result of an exciting collaboration between IDA KUDO and award-winning British record producer Andrew Hunt.
It revolves around empowering messages and socially critical topics inviting the listener into an alluring pop universe filled with catchy songs, quirky sentiments, and powerful statements.

Special thanks to Jamie Otsa at Wall Of Sound PR


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