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Single Review: “Indigo” – Brasstracks X Adelaide James

This song is proper pop. It caught my ear as I was going through the spotify recommendations and checked out the rest of the album and this is track 2. I thought they were making a mistake when recommendation as part of their jazz curation, but….

This actually works!

It’s so catchy, with a singalong chorus, the jazz element is provided in the form of a really bright brass arrangement from production duo Brasstracks. Coupled with the punchy beat, it really is a summer tune to groove to. 

But while this song has the upbeat feel the lyrics portray a different story, it tells the story of a love that’s seemingly unrequited – we’ve all been there right? 

Adelaide sings about wanting to spend time with her lover and just enjoy the time, while everyone else is telling her to just enjoy her life.

Whatever is the case this track is a banger!

Brasstracks is a duo based in New York, they’ve worked with Harry Styles on a little known track called “Watermelon Sugar”… Also listed is BTS, Anderson .Paak and other major hitters. Oh and they’ve been nominated for Grammys.

I’m impressed.

Adelaide James is no slouch either she’’s a singer songwriter producer and multi instrumentalist from NYC.

I love her voice!

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