Single Review: “Gaze” – Alpha Twin


This exploded out of my main speakers nicely! 

The guitar riff at the beginning comes in distorted and put through an EQ to make it sound like it’s coming out of a little radio.

At 0:10 the bass comes in with kick and hi hat playing around two notes… 



0:19 the whole thing goes straight into oblivion! Roaring heavy rock riffing then everything settles down for the singer to sing…

I like his vocals because he sounds young but sounds like he can fill an arena with that vocal.

Well he has to this is music not for the faint of heart… 

Let’s talk more about the track! 

The bass is playing 16th notes, which must be hard to do because it’s relentless, but it sits comfortably with the guitar too which are really well played! Love this so much…. 

As for the drums, the drummer is killing his cymbal, he’s going ruthless with it, but it’s tasteful, it’s there to keep the time, and he’s doing it well….. 

For me this is far too short but I guess the reason for this is because Alpha Twin want you to check them out and more importantly come and see them live the energy on this is incredible… 

So who are they?

Alpha Twin have already been making a name for themselves in the local Belfast music scene. In 2018 Alpha Twin created a platform for other local bands like themselves to showcase their talent. They created BelFest, an all-day music festival filled with local talent. The festival grew each year and has since been described as the best underground music festival in the country. 

“Our lyrics are always poignant on the many topics of mental health. Whether it be from personal experience or the experience of others”

Taking influence from Cleopatrick, Rage Against The Machine, and Queens of the Stone Age, the unique take on alternative rock showcased to perfection in this newest release as they continue to carve their own unique space within the rock n roll landscape.

With an upcoming EP expected later this year, lead single Gaze gives listeners a taste of what is in store from Alpha Twin. With pounding riffs grounded by a heartfelt core, Alpha Twin are proving that they are set to take Belfast and the wider world with immediacy. 

Special thanks to Alex Mace Quite Great PR 

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