Single Review: “Nola” – LOCKS

A bit of bluesy country in the playlist! I’m not sure whether I want to line dance or do the dosie doh, but it’s a bit of a jolly tune, and I love the fiddle playing. The double bass is up there keeping time too, and it sounds like they’re having a jolly old time with this.

The lyrics are genius: 

“I found a house in New Orleans 
Stripped it down and bled it clean 
I took the bones buried them outside. 
In the garden round the back, 
Please grab the axe from the Cadillac 
Dig a ditch by the lilies in the yard.”

Chris Hawkins calls them dark angels of graveyard blues, and that lyric says it all. Tom’s a fan too.

I love the fact they added some congas in there, the Americana purists might not like that.

But I do. 

Locks are from London, they describe themselves as a junkyard Folk & Skeletal Blues group carving their way through music’s underbelly with a rusty pitchfork.


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