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Single Review: “Summertime Song” – Jess Meyer

This song does what it says on the tin. It truly is a summertime song! 

Let’s break it down.

The acoustic guitar bounce as an off set to the four on the floor beat makes you want to be at a festival in the heat or the rain dancing arms akimbo drunk on the joys of being around people again… 

You never know.

It’s the U.K. after all. 

The double claps keep the drum beat on point… d

Dada da dada da.

You can’t get it out of your head now can you? 


“I’ll be waiting down by the water,

Wading chasing days where it’s warmer, 

I’ll be there beside you, 

Doing what we wanna do,

And I’ll be dancing under the moonlight,

Watching the light filter in your eyes,

I’ll be there beside you, 

Doing what we need to at night.”

This is a song about summertime love a holiday romance? 


Whatever it is, it’s gorgeous and bringing sunshine to an already beautiful morning.

This looks like Jess’s debut single, and according to her socials she’s a singer songwriter from Ireland/South Africa/U.K. 

From what I can see this song means a lot to her. 

Given her performance on this?

You can tell. 


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