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Single Review: “All I Need” – Kate Bond

This song comes forth with a swag from the outset, the bassline, drums, guitar and keyboards, bring a real soulful texture to this…..

Then Kate comes in low key and understated until she hits the chorus at 0:47 raising the volume and the temperature!

She brings a soulful playfulness to this track that makes me want to go back and listen to certain parts of the song again and again, her voice is husky and it’s pleasing to the ear. 

I think she could be a bit of a hit in a live situation, that much is very clear. 

According to her spotify bio: 

Kate Bond is a Bradford gal whose musical influence comes from her hippie parents. She’s always had far too much to say about everything so thought she’d give the music thing a go. She loves a bit of Amy and is partial to some Etta James. She’d love to play the pyramid stage if they’d have her. 
 Kate Bond is BBC introducing’s tip for 2022 and the live lounge session of her debut single Beauty Sleep featured on BBC Radio 1’s best of 2021 introducing show. 
 Co-founder of female music collective NEWISM (North East Women in Soul Music), Kate is dedicated to representing and supporting women in her local scene. NEWISM has proven the up and coming soul scene coming out of the North East with sell out shows and making the front cover of NARC magazine. Kate hopes to continue this narrative through the release of her EP which will be more representative of her feminism.
 “When I heard this song, it stopped me in my tracks. Absolute top tier!”- Gemma Bradley, BBC Radio 1 (Beauty Sleep by Kate Bond) 
 “Such a powerful tune”- Emily Pilbeam, BBC Radio 6 music (Yasmine by Kate Bond) 
 “Big chooooonnnn” – Jaguar, BBC Radio 1 Dance (Mind- New Ends featuring Kate Bond) 
 “What a bloody banger”- her mum.


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