Single Review: “I Bought You Crisps” – The Vat Egg Explosion


I absolutely love this song. It came through via Fresh On The Net, and made it onto the listening post. 

It’s the lyrics. 

I mean, this lyrical ode to crisps kind of nails it! 

The singer talks about very passionately about how the person who he brought crisps did him wrong. References to Golden Wonder, and Monster Munch made me smile! Crisps of my childhood. 

Instrumentally it’s based around two chords, the drummer using his crash cymbal and open hi hats in place of a ride and and there is a rather lovely organ sound doing the biz in there as well. 

But honestly this caught my ear in the Fresh On The Net inbox and made me smile. 

Formed in Leeds in 2017, The Vat-Egg Imposition are musically indebted to The Fall, Julian Cope and various others of their post-punk ilk, but with a noticeable injection of groove. The lyrical/performance side of the band is more in the surrealistic, comedic vein of Frank Sidebottom, John Shuttleworth, and Flight Of The Conchords.


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