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Single Review: “I’ll Be” – Jennifer Juliette


This song is a ballad, and Jennifer’s voice shines through on this…. The instruments could have been beefed up, but there is absolutely no need for it. It’s perfect as it is.

The lyrics are gorgeous:

“Far away from being over felt it getting closer push it far away…”

Like a good story it starts off by drawing you in. The melody is held together beautifully too, nothing complex and no need for vocal acrobatics for this song… It makes me want to go find more of Jennifer’s music. 

I am impressed.

This is the kind of song you’d imagine on a soundtrack for a film – the ending credits, and it could really work with just a piano, and I know that Jennifer is a very capable piano player too, so could that be part of this song’s future?

We will see. 

Jennifer Juliette is an accomplished musician who discovered her voice from the age of four, harmonising to the hymns in a Baptist church (I am in awe – I was still watching cartoons and laughing at Tom and Jerry at that age…) she’s Welsh and based in Berlin. You can read more about her in our interview here.

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