Single Review: “Jouska” – Josephine Pascoe

This instrumental is…

Full of life.

In a time when the world needs to get up and celebrate what we have, this track hits the spot.

Josephine plays the violin and flute on this and while you wouldn’t really associate the violin and flute occupying the melody line for jazz and funk, she does it and she does it so well! This is the kind of thing I think the late great “Random Access Memories” era Daft Punk would appreciate, because it’s got that slick late 70’s production feel to it. 

The bit I really appreciate in this is at 1:54 where there’s a breakdown – just keys, congas, wah’d guitars, hi hats….

Oh Lord. 

Loving the space age synth line in there too, it’s taken me to funk heaven!

At 2:57 there’s a slower part where the violin, piano and acoustic guitar do the work before there is a drum fill back where the instruments all come back in… Everything is shining here!

I love the bass line, really funky, reminiscent of Nathan East and Abraham Laboriel Senior…

All in all top draw track! I need to turn it back up again!

Josephine is a pianist, flautist, violinist and creative from the edge of London UK, and this is a collaboration with guitarist and producer Neil Thom.

She’s had kudos from my buddy Neil March over at Trust The Doc, and I trust his judgment, in his words… 

“Everything Josephine writes and records . . . exudes class and musicianship”.

He ain’t lyin’.

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