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Single Review: “Star In A Reasonable Priced Car” – Rubberband Girl

This is the new single from Rubberband Girl and… it’s a cracker. It’s like a cleaned up “Hand In My Pocket” with a banjo in there, and the drums are “properly” recorded, not as gritty. The title reminds me of a segment of Top Gear which *shock horror* I’ve never seen but was having a conversation with someone about the other day! Very strange…

This is full of great moments one of my favourites being the breakdown point of just her voice at 1:26 over a synth and the banjo, it’s such a simple thing but it’s moments like that that make me sit up. My other favourite part is at 2:30 where she just simply sings ooh ooh and it leads you to an outro that is just so joyous. Perfect for a sunny friday morning!

East London based Rubberband Girl blends soulful troubadour elements of the 70s with lightweight modern textures from the 90s and 00s. Written in an intimately small shed-studio in north London and recorded at RAK Studios, the music explores themes of nostalgia, relationships and post-modern life with tongue in cheek attitude over a genre-bending soundscape of synths and organic instruments.


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