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Single Review: “The Wolf” – Cable Street Collective

Cable Street Collective – The Wolf

The Collective are back! Bringing with them a song that’s a full BBQ plate of food with its solid flavours…. You can almost smell that party food in the summer heat!

The song grooves on nicely with some beautiful guitar licks, Aaron knows I’m a fan of his from way back with that bloody bass…. The kid has got SKILLS!!! 

Fi’s voice brings the soulful juices to the beef with her vocals, and the whole thing is held together with the horns heralding the track and punching through. 

This track has been beautifully produced and mixed, one thing I’ve always known is that Cable Street Collective are destined to play live. You can’t put out tunes like this and not want to groove in the sweltering heat of a festival or on a beach…. 

But when you put it on….

Put it on and turn it up. 

Let your whole street have a party.

Now where’s my plate of jollof rice and bottle of supermalt?

I still hate supermalt.


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