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Blog interview: Jennifer Juliette

You are a singer, songwriter and producer from Wales, now based in Berlin. How did it all begin for you?
It began in a Baptist church at age 4, when someone noticed me harmonising to the hymns. The organist taught me singing techniques and instruments.
What did you listen to growing up?
Classical music and a lot of Gregorian chants from my mother! Then I branches into power pop singers. 
Congratulations on the release of “I’ll Be” how does it feel? 
Fantastic to release something a bit “different” from my normal style!! Proud to know I can do that and people will still listen.
What’s the story behind it? 
“I’ll Be” is about this amazing gorgeous person I knew in London who I was so inspired by. She had some problems but was always seen at the best parties, dressed in these incredible ways. Even though she was troubled, she had a magnetism about her and you couldn’t not watch and be interested.
You’re a classical trained pianist, what was the catalyst for this?
I genuinely enjoyed the structure, to be honest!! Then I realised I could accompany myself singing and couldn’t stop. When you find composers you love and are able to play their songs and start to improvise, it’s such an incredible feeling. 
You’ve played in orchestras what’s been your favourite piece to play? 
Anything from Pirates of the Caribbean. What a soundtrack!!! Lifts the heart. There are moments where you all play as one, like a big beating heart. 
You’ve played in so many prestigious venues around the world, what’s been your favourite?
Always back home, the Brangwyn Hall. The paintings on the wall are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, and the acoustics are mind blowing. When I’m back in Wales I almost feel as though I’m singing among my ancestors.
COVID has affected the creative industry in a big way, what has kept you motivated?
My children! I want them to think that women can do anything they want in this world. I have two smart, funny daughters and they deserve the world. 
2020 was a time to reflect, what did you learn about yourself?
I learned it’s okay to cry, to take time for yourself, to get help when you need it. For someone who pushes to do things alone, it was a huge moment when I realised no one was going to judge thats 
Did you pick up any new skills?
So much more patience. Being home with two small babies, while trying to let my inspiration flow, tested my patience again and again. I absolutely did not keep it always. It can be beyond frustrating. I’ve learned to store my new ideas better. 
What are you listening to at the moment?
A lot of Lindsey Stirling. She is one of the best performers in the world, in my opinion. Her graceful style and elegance while performing but somehow injecting strong stage presence.
What are you looking forward to next?
I am writing more Celtic influenced music, leaning into becoming a better lyricist and performer. Oh, and teaching my oldest daughter to sing! 

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  1. […] Jennifer Juliette is an accomplished musician who discovered her voice from the age of four, harmonising to the hymns in a Baptist church (I am in awe – I was still watching cartoons and laughing at Tom and Jerry at that age…) she’s Welsh and based in Berlin. You can read more about her in our interview here. […]

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