Single Review: “Loud” Bad Money

“Loud” is Bad Money’s new single, and it’s got all the good stuff. Harmonies, big drums,  funky guitars, nice electric piano and special guest appearance from sax player Beth. It’s a tribute to lyricist Jacob’s best friend, and it’s fitting, singing of good times – this is what resonated with me, Bad Money have changed a lot in sound and their line up has grown from 2 to 4 and you can tell. The good thing about this song – and there are plenty – is that I can totally hear this being played on radio stations. It’s radio friendly, it’s got a great summer vibe, and if things open up for the band to tour this will be a great number in the set. Beth’s sax is understated but effective, and I’m looking forward to hearing more of her work. 

Anthemic singalong moment that I have to mention though is at 2:46 where the only drum playing is the snare (Sweet snare by the way) and the rest of the instruments are holding it together, you can just imagine hands in the air clapping on the 2 and 4 of the beat to give it that crisp “KAH” sound… festival/arena style. 

Message to Bad Money: Keep it coming. We need this. 

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