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Review: “Summertime Love” – iLana Armida

iLana Armida – Summertime Love

This song is so cute… the intro starts off with a great chord progression, with percussion underlying it, and stays underneath… this song could easily be played live with just a guitar and percussion and going unplugged. 

ILana’s voice is the star here. She’s got such a soulful quality that makes me want to go back and listen to certain phrases in the song. It really suits the summer vibe on this, no vocal gymnastics, lovely harmonies doing the job. This is a song I could listen to a lot and I have already. This could easily be song of the summer. 

I need to talk about the drums here, the sounds are exquisite! Love the rim shot on this… 

The song speaks of Ilana meeting with her lover, and spending time with them, from early morning cab ride to the airport to catch the red eye to rendezvous on the beach.. it’s so floaty and perfect for an end of summer BBQ jam, spending time with your friends. 

So, who’s iLana Armida?

She’s a singer songwriter from L.A., with a very distinguished career already, she’s written with Doja Cat, she sings in multiple languages, and has wracked up an eye watering 7.6 million+ streams on spotify alone. 

Needless to say I’ll be adding to those numbers myself. 

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