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Single Review: “Third Ear (3rd Room Edit) – ARPRAXIS

This is a fantastic bit of dance music, it starts off with the bleeps and bloops until 0:05 which comes and goes. I love the little bit of a sampled beatbox around 0:09, the vocal samples give it such a club mix feel, and it just…. Wakes you up. 

The bass line is an octave disco groove, and switches between latin to a subby synth bass keeping your ears interested.

My favourite bit is the breakdown at 2:05, it’s got some nice synth parts in there the analogue lead and pads, making it all 80s/90s before dropping back into that infectious groove again…. Yes I am dancing what of it? 

Fantastic tune.

ARPRAXIS is a vinyl DJ, Techno, House and U.K. breaks artist who pushes the boundaries of genr

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