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Single Review: “Conversation Killer” – Alexandra Leaving

This launches at a fair whack with big heavy toms, this a rock track for the ages… I played this on the show this weekend and had a feeling it would be a winner with our readers — it certainly was. The chorus is epic, and the vocals reflect this. I love the riffing at 2:17 when everything drops back to just the guitars and drums – it’s a beautiful moment. Then the wordless ad libs from 2:28 is atmospheric, and builds back up to a huge climax, it just makes you want to jump around in a rainy field at 2pm with thousands of people with the same idea. It ends on a dead stop which is really cool!

You just don’t know what hit you. And that works for me.

Alexandra Leaving is named after a Leonard Cohen song – there’s nothing even remotely Leonard Cohen about this style of music, but Alex Layne has honed this to a great standard. This was produced by her longterm collaborator Jack O’Shea, and her previous singles this year have had support from BBC Radio, John Kennedy on Radio X and playlist support from Apple Music.


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