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Single Review: “Billboards” – Aymee Weir.

This song for me is like a jumble of thoughts like the post-weekend blues on a Sunday – it gets referenced in the lyrics about what happened the night before. It’s an observational song too, and I like that. My favourite thing about this song is the vocal arrangement – the harmonies aren’t overbearing. The harmonies drift in and out. It just serves the song.

The second thing is also the overall arrangement of the song, I get the feeling that Aymee has been having fun with this one live because of the way it dips in and out dynamically. What a tune! I like the drums as well especially, you have to listen carefully but they tend to glitch and fade in and out – nice bit of production technique there. 

Aymee Weir is a Worcestershire-raised London-based artist who honed her skills busking on the streets of London.

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