Single Review: “Hailstones, Clocktower, Hummingbird” – CATMILK

There are many things I like about this one, one being that it starts off with a little poem at the beginning, then fades up to the music coming in. You would be forgiven for thinking it was just that, but it all fits together nicely. An acoustic guitar driven number, this song gives me autumn feels, maybe it’s because when I first listened to this I was contemplating the turning of the year. 

The mixing on this is spot on, again with the fades providing the soundscape – one piece of advice I would offer to artists is pay attention to your mix and mastering, it can make or break a song for a listener. You want the goosebump moments? Don’t let your mix and mastering let you down. I was definitely nodding my head in appreciation. 

All in all a very well put together song from beginning to end. 

Catmilk describe themselves as fever dream driven indie folk from Nottingham. 

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