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Single Review: “Drowning In Fire” – Dani Slovak

I like the ethereal reverb vocal intro to this, it makes a very pleasant surprise when the actual lead kicks in a little bit later.

The drums are hard hitting, I like the fact it’s not a conventional snare, it has a bit of an industrial thud to it, and it sits well with everything else! 

Great work on this. 

But Dani’s vocals is the star here,he goes from ethereal, to soul to rock and back again, and he does it effortlessly. 

The song is all about being self aware – being human and falling for what only humans can – singing about how he’s no angel and will perish in hell in fire. 

Strong stuff. 

Dani Slovak is a London based singer songwriter producer, with a background in medicine specialising in psychiatry. 

I hope to hear more from him. 

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