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Single Review: “Jammin’ Tonight” – Nile Rodgers and Candy Dulfer

This is a BOP!!!!! Wow!!! It starts off all mysterious with a synth build up into a funky  James Brown break, then settles into a classy four on the floor beat with Nile and Candy trading off solos between each other on guitar and sax respectively – I absolutely love the vocals on this, fantastically arranged too. In the end this is a sophisticated track with so much class, and I wouldn’t expect any less from Nile or Candy.

This flits between 1960’s funk, into 70s disco, smooth like butter house piano into this groove that you just can’t resist… the hitmaker, the source of Nile’s power is doing its job here as well as Candy’s breath of life like sax playing…. It’s beautiful. 

They don’t need any introduction here as to who they are, but Candy came on my radar with the release of “Lily Was Here” – I fell in love. What a player! She plays with sass, her voice just speaks for her through her instrument. 

As for Nile Rodgers, he’s one of my heroes, I actually discovered Chic by accident while looking for another song from my childhood many years ago… 

Then “Get Lucky” came out and changed my life forever. That song is my favourite of the 21st century by a long shot.

Nile has been collaborating with many artists in recent years and always surprises me with his choices and this was a great choice. 

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