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Single Review: “Outside” – Greysha

Greysha is back! This is one of the tracks from her new EP “Fresh Out The Feeling”, and being familiar with her sound I know she wasn’t going to bring anything short of excellence. 

This track is moody, which is typical of her sound, electronic drums, with guitars in minor chords, vocals swirling around and using effects in so many different ways. 

The lyric that catches me is:

“I could catch another cold before you make 

Another move,

Never knew you could be so cruel.”

It’s a harsh lyric, very dark but I don’t expect any less! 

Nice work Greysha. 

Greysha is a singer/songwriter from Shropshire, who’s built a big following on YouTube via her covers, she uses her songs to channel her thoughts and stories, and by all account ROCKS it live.

I can’t wait to see what 2023 holds for her.



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