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Song Review: “Banana Bread” – Aussie Purser

This is a cracker of a track from Aussie Purser, the opening track from his EP “Confetti”.

It’s an acoustic guitar led number, and Aussie’s voice powers through over this, I love the offbeat drums that come in on the second verse and the bounce that comes with it, very summery! 

I love the lyrics – how they came about may or may not surprise you, but we will come back to that in a tick… 

But let’s bask in the glory of the lyrics of the chorus!

“You’re so sweet it reminds me of the taste of banana bread, 

And I just can’t seem to get you out of my head…”

That’s the couplet right there!

So what do was I saying about the origins of the lyrics? 

Well it’s not so much the origins of the lyrics, but the origins of the title, they were given random titles by internet streamers according to their mother, so other titles include songs that are titled: 

Optimistic Nihilism (It’s actually a really good song)

Proximity (Squirrel In A Forest) 


Lucky Pennies

I love it. 

This was co written with his brother Dylan, who I’m very familiar with already for his track “Hold You” – while that was a dance track this is a huge departure, and shows off his production skills here. 

Aussie describes themselves as writing music for content creators they like. 

Works for me. 


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