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Single Review: “I Don’t Wanna Cry For You Anymore” – Michael Tinholme.



The sun has gone down, it’s got a bit colder and after a nice saturday afternoon I’m going through my emails, and Quite Great drop this little gem on me….

It starts off with a tasty drum solo for an intro. 

Go ahead. I’m listening. 

Oh there’s not just drums there’s some percussion underneath to accent it. 


Then some nice chords changes in F Major.

Oh this song has my full attention, and it’s something else.

The piano part being played here is leading the song, as well as the fretless bass by Eric Sittner  playing some really love notes underneath.


This song speaks of a real bitterness in the lyrics and Michael delivers this in a painful way that you can really feel. 

I’m impressed. 

I love the choice of instruments here, acoustic piano, synths, guitar distortion for the soul, it’s all landed really well!

The guitar solo by guitar phenomenon Andy Wood  is my favourite part of the song, well played, notes well thought out and you could feel the emotions on it… I wonder how many takes it took to get to the right one that he wanted?

It says on Michael’s PR that he’s a rising jazz star. 

Oh please.

He sings with a professionalism that tells me that he’s been doing this for years…..


Well let me stop here…

That’s five minutes of my time I’m glad I gave to this song. 

Michael Tinholme was exposed to music of all styles at a young age. Rock-n-Roll, Gospel, Country, Jazz, and Classical Music were played nonstop in his traveling home. Early in Tinholme’s life, his parents began to notice that he could emulate the singing styles of almost any singer that he heard.

At the age of six, Michael Tinholme began his formal music training with piano. He started playing the drums at ten. Tinholme also plays guitar and continues his study of music to this day.

Tinholme played his first professional gig at the age of 12 years old appeared at clubs in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco.

Michael played regularly at a club called the Four Muses and was encouraged by the owners Jim and Mary Jenkins, who were instrumental in helping to launch the careers of Jackson Browne, Melody Jennifer Warren, and many others.

As a kid, Michael had a friendship with the amazing Scatman Crothers. Scatman saw Michael’s talent and encouraged him to study music and to learn to play as many instruments as possible, write music, and take up acting.

Michael Tinholme continues to get the attention of the greatest musicians and producers in the world, where Tinholme’s new collaborations are ongoing.

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