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Single Review: “Lost My Mind” Patrick Tabaks

This…. Is a gorgeous slice of pop. 
And jazz.
And soul.
Latvian born Patrick Tabaks goes for a deep cut from his album with this one, a guitar led soulful ballad, it tricks you into thinking it’s just him and a guitar singing it on his own – a vision that you’d be forgiven for having given what 2020-2021 has held for us in the creative world….
There is more.
This is a full production with a duet featuring Elizabeth Luka, her vocals are lovely, very pleasing to the ear. I hope it’s not the last time we hear from her. 
The harmonies that come in tease the possibilities around Patrick and Elizabeth’s voices, and shows that they have big soulful influences, and it works so well. I have to say the guitars on this are so nice!
All in all, 10 out of 10 for this. Great job Patrick. 
So who is he?
He’s a singer songwriter from Latvia, his voice doesn’t sound like his age. 
He’s 17.
Imagine that.
He started piano at the age of six courtesy of his sister, age 11 he was already a seasoned performer having performed at the Latvia National Opera. This has led to performances with top opera singers and operatic performances. 
This song comes from the album of the same name, and having listened further….
This kid’s got talent!

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