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Blog interview: Lottie Simone

Hello Lottie, how are you?

I’m good thank you, How are you ?

I’m good! Thanks for asking!

Congratulations on the release of your new EP, how does it feel?

Thank you, It feels like an exciting time, there is also a feeling of apprehension waiting to see what people think. I think there is almost a feeling of vulnerability when you put something that means so much to you out there  for everyone to hear along with all the joy and excitement.

What’s the story behind it? 

I started writing the songs in 2019 with Paul Fletcher who had seen one of my performances on line and reached out to my parents and discussed working on original material with me after a few sessions we decided the songs we had should definitely be released and the idea of  the EP was born from there. The songs are all about things that were currently either going on around me or with friends and the world generally they are all quite emotive and come from quite a personal place or our perspective of a situation.

What’s your favourite track from it?

My favourite Track is definitely “Lie“

It’s been a long time coming, what were the challenges and easiest parts of putting it together?

Covid was one of the biggest challenges, getting in the studio with Dave Sanderson,  who produced the EP, it was like a waiting game of in between the lockdowns or waiting for restrictions to be eased. On a personal level the waiting was a challenge in itsself (I needed to learn to be patient ha ha). Then when we were finally more or less finished, with just the 1st video to do, I sadly lost my Grandmother which I found very difficult she had been in hospital for a long time  during the peak of covid and then in a respite care  home where she passed and visiting had been so restricted so it was a very  challenging time and I found it very tough so took a bit of time to be with family.

The easiest part of the process was  working and writing with Paul it was a very fluid and organic process & choosing the songs for the EP. We had written a lot of material and felt that most were right for my first EP but we had clear favourites so that too was a smooth process.

The lead single is “Many Kinds Of Love”, describe it in three words.

Introduction, heartfelt, upbeat

What’s the story behind it?

It’s expressing the many different ways in which you could love someone, but staying with them just because you love them or feel you owe them that when other things were not right is not  viable for you, but letting go isn’t easy either,  but to fulfill your life you need to move on but would always be there in a different way. The idea/story came from discussing friendships and relationships and situations I’d found myself in as I was growing as a person and making different friends etc and making different choices from  my friends like college etc and I knew people who were in relationships that perhaps they wanted to move on from and I was also learning that the school romance that meant everything at the time perhaps didn’t really.

You are a singer/songwriter from Wakefield how did it all begin for you?

Ha ha.. it’s a bit of a funny story. I hadn’t told my parents I was in a school production with a lead role in a musical and they turned up and were shocked as they knew I liked singing & music but never knew how much I loved to perform!

As a result they got behind what was a secret passion and I started singing and performing locally mainly covers and as I got a bit older I started writing my own music and released a song called Lie To You when I was 15, which I had so much fun with and was thrilled how it was received and that’s when the bug started. It was not long after this that Paul Fletcher saw me perform and whilst working with Paul I signed with Music Panel Label. Now here I am  nearly 18 with first EP & Many Kinds of Love due to be released on my birthday.

What did you listen to growing up?

So many different artists and genres.. With my peers it was JLS, Alexandra Burke, One Direction, OllyMurs… That was when I was very young and that developed into whomever was popular at the time. But at home I was listening to artists like Etta James, James Brown, Sam Cooke, Otis Reading, Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, Beatles, Billy Joel, Chris Stapleton. I of course had my favourite more current artists like Ann Marie, Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, Young Blud, Lizzo , The Weeknd etc but I have a real love for the older classic  soul singers and good old fashioned rock n roll too. One of my favourite bands currently is New Familiar a local band from Wakefield. I’m constantly discovering artists that are new to me that are old and new at the moment for instance I’ve been listening to Ray LaMontagne.

Your voice has a pretty bluesy sound to it at times, how do you like to warm up?

Thank you , I warm up quite conventionally really pretty standard vocal exercises lots of different ones to make it more interesting and fun . Lately I’ve been doing warm up through a straw which is interesting . When I’m not being so disciplined I like to just sing along to one of my favourite old classics  in the shower 😂 ( The steam is good  , though , right 😂) normally someone who’s voice I just dream about having .. ha ha

COVID has had a big impact on the creative industry what has kept you motivated?

Yes it has . I think  my motivation came from the community of musicians and performers on line and being amazed how quickly and creatively they found new ways to reach an audience which I then started doing too , I worked on lots of new material for my gigs and enjoyed doing live streams and working with a vocal coach via zoom and kept writing . My family really helped too by giving me a space to work in and helped me create a creative space of my own .

2020 was a time to reflect, what did you learn about yourself?

I think one of the most important things I learnt was what was really important to me and how much my music meant to me but also how to actually really focus on the important stuff instead of all the routine and hustle and bustle of life you kinda start to actually learn how to spend time with yourself and realise how much of tbe otber stuff we do is because we feel we have too or are told we have too but isn’t necessarily what we want to do or what makes us happy .

You’re from Wakefield, Yorkshire aka God’s own country. What are your three favourite things about your town?

I’m actually not born and bred a Wakefield Lass. I’m originally from London my family are all from South East London but I have done most of my schooling and growing up in Wakefield. I think my favourite thing is the accessibility to open space and I have been afforded much opportunity here musically and the people are great .

What are you listening to at the moment?

Rhys Lewis, Harry Styles, Lola Young, Miley Cyrus, Celeste  a bit of a mix really along with all my old classic favourites those comfort blanket classics . Really enjoying FinnForster and his band great Artist from Middlesbrough.

What’s next for you?

I want to get back into the studio ASAP and start recording my 2nd EP and get out gigging as much as possible. My first love is definitely performing my own material live, can’t beat that feeling.

I will of course keep writing new material and working with the great team  I’m working with currently, Paul Fletcher & Music Panel have been since an integral part of my musical development as has Julie Miles,  a great mentor, vocal coach & friend .

I of course am also interested in collaborating with other artists and writers too. I could go on and on. I think because it’s my first EP, my age etc there is still so much work to be done and things to learn and discover  & avenues to explore, I’ve  got college to finish and decisions to make about what comes after college it’s an important year.

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