Blog interview: Club Brothers

Club Brothers thankyou for agreeing to talk to us. How are you? 

All: Very well thanks.

Who’s who in the band?

Adam: Rich is the main songwriter, he comes up with the tunes and me and Leigh help with harmonies and arrangement .

Leigh is the overly talented one. on top of being the smooth vocal of the group (he’s got an insane range so can pretty much do any part we need from him, he’s like a love child of luthor van dross and Mariah carey)

Rich: He also plays any instrument you want so he often jumps from his electric, to his bass, to fill out wherever there’s a gap in the track

Adam: and he’s a ridiculously nice guy as well

Leigh: Aw guys

Rich: Makes you sick doesn’t it?

Leigh: haha

Adam: Talent And a nice personality!

Richard: i mean we’ve got neither of those so it’s just not fair

Adam: i’ll have you know i’m well talented, i grew my own beard and everything

Leigh: It is a nice beard

Rich: See…so nice!

Adam: and i am the organised one, i deal with the bookings, the socials, making sure we get to gigs on time.

Rich: You also sing a bit too

Adam: Oh yeah that’s quite fun 

Rich: But yeah you’re kinda like an unpaid booking agent

Adam: With an immaculate beard

Leigh: oh absolutely

You are a vocal trio how did it all begin for you?

Leigh: Well it started as a happy accident really. Rich is a solo artist and has a few albums/eps under his belt.

Adam: and he’d written a song called ‘Undone’ which is a really nice ballad and he wanted a music video to it but with lush harmonies added

Rich: yeah and at this point id known Leigh and Adam and worked with them at a live music venue in exeter called ‘Mama Stones’ so knew they had the goods vocally so we found this amazing church to get that cool acoustic and filmed the video

Club Brothers Acoustic

Adam: And we loved the experience, it was proper fun

Rich: So i thought it’d be cool to do it more often

Leigh: we agreed and club brothers was born

What were you listening to growing up?

Rich: I was really into Queen and Genesis, me and my dad would have them on whenever we had a long drive. It was the best.

Leigh: your dad is the best

Rich: He’s pretty cool

Leigh: it was my folks vinyl collection that had me listening to Stevie Wonder, James brown, Michael Jackson etc that era got me in a big and way

Adam: Mine was a very different experience, my dad had an eclectic mix from Bonnie Tyler to the Corrs to the Lighthouse Family to Frank Sinatra. 

Rich: That is Such a random mix!

Adam: it was an odd mix but it gave me a love of different genres and when i got older and discovered the jazz and big band greats like mel torme, Ella etc and then gospel and soul, and then hip hop. If it grooved and moved me then i was a fan

Rich: So you like everything?

Adam: Pretty much as long as there’s harmony i’m happy.

Congratulations on the release of Stay, how did it come about?

Rich: ah Thanks man

Adam: Well interestingly enough stay also started as one of rich Solo tunes, but he hadn’t recorded it and we had just been given the opportunity to support americana act ‘Wildwood Kin’ on a few dates of their tour.

Leigh: there was a problem though

Rich: We only had four tunes that we’d written at that point for club brothers

Leigh: So we padded out the set by adding harmonies to some of rich solo material, and ’Stay’ was one of those

Adam: but then we began to notice that the audiences would really react well to ’stay’

Rich: And Adam would teach the audience the tune in the chorus and get them to sing along

Leigh: that’s it

Rich: what?

Leigh: that’s Adams usp, He’s great as a frontman, he always communicates to an audience very well

Adam: so rich the ideas factory, Leigh the voice, and me the stage chat, i like it

Rich: it’s only taken us til question 4 to answer the first question 

Leigh: Ha anyway back to the actual question, yeah the audience were vibing ’Stay’ so Adam suggested we made it the next single

Rich: we reached out to a producer we know called ‘Chris Tilke’ who produces artists like’ Clara Bond’, ‘Jonah hitchens’ and ‘Dead Ground’ and he helped us get the vibe we wanted for a recorded version.

Your sound is full of beautiful harmonies, are there any particular songs that you find yourselves singing along to that you harmonise to naturally?

Rich: i love singing along to more than words by xtreme. there’s a missing harmony that i love to add

Leigh: I’m a massive leon bridges fan so pretty much any track form his last album I’ve learnt and singalong to

Adam: i harmonise to almost everything i hear

Rich:  he means that too! not just songs literally everything, car alarms, police sirens

Leigh: the wind 

Adam: if it produces a note i’ll find that harmony

Pre covid you played gigs, what’s your typical ritual before going on stage?

Adam: a few vocal warm ups but usually we like to sneak out and enjoy the other artists playing

Rich: also lots of guitar tuning

Leigh: So much guitar tuning

Rich: All the guitar tuning

Adam: They are tuning obsessed

Rich: Adam doesn’t play so cannot understand the torture of two out of tune guitars

Adam: My ears definitely understand 

Leigh: Hahaha

What’s been your favourite moment from a live performance? 

Adam: We did a gig on the Wildwood kin tour at the Louisiana in Bristol that was pretty lush

Leigh: Oh yeah the unplugged moment!

Rich: So basically we got to the part of the set where we tell the story of the band and play the song ‘Undone’

Adam: But rich decided off the cufff that we were gonna unplug come off the stage in to the middle of the audience and sing it right there

Leigh: it’s a small space so the whole room fell into silence

Adam: you could hear a pin drop and so we sang to them in a really intimate way

Rich: It was a special moment for us

Leigh: and hopefully for them too.

COVID 19 has impacted the creative world in a big way, how do you keep yourselves motivated?

Rich: Well we’re all lucky enough to have home studio set ups

Adam: a computer and a mic 

Rich: Yeah pretty much

Rich: so i’ve been using the time to write 

Adam: Ideas factory, he literally never runs out

Leigh: I’ve been doing some remote recording for a few projects

Adam: and i just completed Netflix

Rich:  i wish that wasn’t true…but it’s 100% true

What artists are getting you excited at the moment?

Leigh: i love Leon Bridges, but also i love Jamie Lidell, Rosie lowe too. There’s so much good stuff out there at the moment

Rich: i really like ‘lauv’ at the mo and at the mo i’m going back to discover older acts back catalogs, so i’m doing a deep dive on fleetwood mac and absolutely loving it. 

Adam: i love a bit of ‘melissa Bel’, some ‘yebba’ ,a bit of ‘vulfpeck’ and i’m crazy about ‘Lawrence’ they are funky as and i love their groove

You’ve released an EP what was the writing process for it?

Rich: well i had some ideas

Leigh: that he’d then show us in demo form

Adam: And we’d take that bare bones version and fill it with harmonies and arrangement ideas

Rich: Once were all happy with it we then get the producer involved

Adam: The producer of the EP was an amazing guy called ‘Willie Weeks’ who’s doing a lot in the k-pop world at the moment

Rich: Willie added his ideas and we managed to do the whole ep in three sessions so were really happy with that

What are you looking forward to doing next?

Adam: GIGGING! in front of a real audience again

Leigh: that would be so nice!

Rich: it’s been so long now that we’re absolutely ready!


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