Single Review: Bad Money “Tell Me”

To paraphrase the Spice Girls, 2 Become 4 as one of my favourite bands of 2020 Birmingham duo Bad Money add two more to their line up. “Tell Me” is such a great pop track. It’s got synth stabs, sitting comfortably with the signature guitars I came to love from “Ashes”, plus sampled and processed vocals being used as instruments on their own rounded off and held together by a great drum track courtesy of new member Tommy Francis. My favourite part is the breakdown. There’s a lovely little guitar solo provided by other new member Kieran, and you can tell there’s more to come from. This has all the elements of a great pop song, and having listened to it a couple of times now it fills me with much joy to see this band evolve. It looks like they’re ready to come out of lockdown running with great songs that will stand out live. This is radio and playlist friendly, and I hope to hear more from them!




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