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Single Review: “When I Fall” – BRAVE JAMES ft. Oli Rockberger

BRAVE JAMES is back with a new track featuring a singer songwriter that I love and respect, Oli Rockberger. And they deliver!

Whereas the last single was a collaboration with with Blue Lab Beats and had a more soulful hip hop vibe this is folktronica at its best, catchy ethereal melodies with dreamy synths, the reversed drum sounds in this really work well too making it transition really well. It gives you the feeling of floating through the space time continuum and that’s not a bad thing at this time on a Monday morning.

But that relates to the lyrics as well: 

“Won’t you catch me? 

Won’t you catch me when I fall?

Won’t you hear me?

Should I worry about the journey anymore?

If you’d catch me,

Won’t you catch me when I fall?”

Great song….

I’ve been following Brave James’s journey for a long while, since the release of “Spaceship” – their manager Kwame Kwaten put me on to them, and I’m so glad of this. That’s still a tune I bang out every so often! The chord progression is outrageous. 

BRAVE JAMES is Australian born, now based in London, and has a whole lot to offer please do check out their back catalogue.

Oli Rockberger – now this legend right here, there’s one song in his catalogue that moves me even today, “Family Tree”, he’s been on my radar for a very long time since Gabriella Swallow introduced me to his music. I interviewed him and you can check out the interview right here.  

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