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Single Review: “Japanese Knotweed” – Karolina Wilgus

This new single from Karolina Wilgus is genius. From the way the vocals are arranged over a hypnotising hip hop jazz beat this brings a lot of different things to keep you interested. For one thing, the vocals in the intro have an operatic quality, nicely layered so you can separate the alto, tenor and soprano parts. A nice touch is the flute solo! Not enough of that in music nowadays….

For me this song combines a touch of soul, with a bit of hip hop the drums especially express this really well! The stuttering of the hi hats which are consistent through this set the tone – the kick drum sits in with the bass so it gives it real groove. It’s a nice and warm sound….

Great guitar work too! 

Karolina Wilgus is a Polish singer/songwriter based in London. Karolina’s music is a mix of Polish and English lyrics with soothing melodies inspired by bossa nova, soul, and jazz.

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