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Single Review: “Bread” – Anya Nami

This is the Eurovision song that we never knew we needed. 

This is a song literally about bread. 

I am not kidding.

Guess what? I love it.

This starts off with a thumping kick, dropping into a pop dance beat, and there’s an accordion, I’m assuming this is a nod to the European roots of the artist. It sits really comfortably within the mix, and lends a bohemian feel to the track making you think of Italy and France…. 

This track is genius! 

Also a shout out to those with Coeliac disease, there is a mention of this in the lyrics, there are so many different types and it’s all good… Making me feel hungry this morning.

Overall the track is sparse, but the vocal arrangement makes up for it, there is even a bit of a vocal “bah” solo starting at around 0:42, and it’s catchy as hell. This could have been performed on any instrument but… 

No. Vocals will do! 

Oh and the sneeze at the end is inexplicable but nice touch!!

Renowned for being a fresh and mysterious rising singer from Eastern Europe, emerging pop star Anya Nami is a force of nature with her captivating music. She returns with her latest offering ‘Bread’

Anya Nami is getting ready for the release ahead of her debut EP and expanding her repertoire by working with the names of specific scenes in addition to her previous releases.


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