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Single Review: “All Black Everything” – Amy Gadiaga

Amy Gadiaga brought beauty and grace to this track… it starts off with a piano part that’s like a call to action for a jam session, and boy does the whole thing bring its a game from Amy’s bass line and the drums staying in pocket…

Her vocals here are the star, with layered harmonies but watch out for the trumpet solo that comes in at 1:49 it actually starts just as she sings her last few notes and the rhythm section give a broken up performance accenting different parts of the beat….

But then Amy opens fire with a scat vocal performance….


2:32 is the mark, and I love it!

This song switches from jazz to hip hop vibes to neo soul and marries it all up beautifully… what a track!

This would set the jazz cafe alight for sure….

Born to parents of Senegalese, Gambian, and Malian descent, and hailing from the outskirts of Paris, the multitalented Gadiaga has been making waves in the UK music industry since she moved to London aged 18. With a fresh and unique style that bridges the old school jazz tradition of musicians such as Betty Carter and Wayne Shorter with the raw, rootsy modern sound of artists such as D’Angelo, Stevie Wonder and Twinkie Clark, Gadiaga’s breadth of ambition and revitalising approach have brought early critical acclaim and ardent fans.

Signalling the arrival of a significant new voice on the London music scene, All Black Everything communicates the liberating essence of embracing individuality and presents a journey through Gadiaga’s personal struggles, standing as a testament to art’s transformative power and encouraging listeners to find strength in their uniqueness. “All Black Everything is very much an exploration and embracing of one of my archetypes in life which is the black bird/black sheep” she explains. “That feeling of not thinking you belong anywhere, of being misunderstood and really tending to your own. No helping hand. But it’s ok sometimes because you also feel like nobody can compete with you, you’re one of a kind.”



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