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Single Review: “Somebody’s Daughter” – The Deep Blue

This song…. 

It got me through my morning cuppa and emails. It then got me through my walk around sainsbury’s. It got me through putting my shopping away. 

I’ve been sat at the keyboard playing around with the chord progression too. 

What a beauty! The electric piano is what did it for me, especially in the verse, the bumbum duuuhhh…. The groove underneath with the snare rolls work so well. In the pre chorus there’s a really lovely harmony that comes in at 0:48, and it builds up and drops back down to this bit:

“Breathing in the water,

Somebody’s daughter,

Nothing like the pool,

Friday after school.” 

Then it really hits you on the “dunes” part in the chorus…

I don’t know what else to say about this. It’s just stunning! 

Kudos on the whole arrangement.

The Deep Blue are a quartet, an indie-folk girl band from Manchester and beyond. They came together in  the lockdowns, and have been moving from strength to strength gaining major press plus getting played on 6 Music. If this band doesn’t break barriers in 2024, I’ll be surprised. 

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