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Interview: Lisa Ramey

Hello Lisa how are you? 

I am feelin’ good!! Thanks for having me 🙂

Congratulations on the release of “Vagabond” how does it feel? 

Thank you and it feels absolutely AMAZING! I was real excited about releasin this track. It’s so much fun!

What’s the story behind the song? 

Sexy zombies lol I’ve dated a few men who sucked the love and life right out of me then they would return to their vagabond ways. I was left high and dry and feelin pretty dumb. One of my favorite lines is “you can’t make me feel crazy”. I was determined not to feel crazy when I figured out their game. Like, don’t make me feel crazy when I finally catch what you’re up to.

You are an artist from St. Louis based in New York how did it all begin for you? 

Great question! I was a dancer and musical theater girl in St. Louis. I began living in NYC when I was cast in the first Broadway National tour of Irving Berlins White Christmas. Long story short, I did well in theater but it wasn’t enough for me. I left the business (health insurance, comfy paycheck and security) to become a starving recording artist. I’ve never looked back. 

What did you listen to growing up? 

Everything! You can tell when you listen to my music that I want to add every instrument and genre to my songs! Motown, musical theater, R&B, gospel, rock alternative, soul, big band, swing, reggae, symphonys….I was homeschooled. I spent a lot of time listening to all styles of music.

Your vocals are so powerful, how do you like to warm up? 

Thank you so much! Basic vocal warmups given to me over the years by my many voice teachers. I was classically trained and I kept most of my vocal exercise recordings in the cloud. I love warmups. After warming up I know I can’t fail any performance. 

You gained national attention by being featured on the voice what was that like? 

What an experience! How much time do you have? It was like being on the longest most fun roller coaster with cameras in your face and millions of fans watching you. Intense, surreal and FUN. 

You were on Team Legend, and mentored by a literal Legend, what was the best piece of advice he gave you? 

That man saved my career. He gave me the best advice I have ever received. “you don’t have to do all that”. I was shocked. I thought I had to stand out, find ways to sing every note perfectly or differently. I thought I needed to do sooooo much to be seen. He simply said “stop all that” and my life changed. I am more relaxed than I have ever been in every performance because I can just be me. Just sing what makes me happy. I was born to sing so just chill out and open your mouth

Your debut album Surrender made it to Good Morning America’s top 50 of 2020, what’s your favourite track from it? 

Oooohhh so many good questions! I’m so happy you’re interviewing me! ps how amazing that my little album made that list!! Shocker. I love Open Wide, Clear Your Mind, You Aint My Friend and KMB so much. I can’t pick just one. This album is my baby!! All tracks are diary entries turned into songs. So very intimate and telling.

You’ve also been active on the live concert scene, opening for Ms. Lauryn Hill, what was that like

She’s iconic for a reason. She really knows how to tell stories and take you on a journey when she performs. I felt unworthy of being in her lineup!

Post-COVID, what have you learned about yourself in the last three years?

I’ve learned that I can manage myself. I never wanted to because I knew the responsibility would kick my butt, but here we are! I learned how important it is to trust yourself in a severely untrustworthy business. I learned no one cares as much about my career as I do so I should take the lead and become my own boss. I’m learning how to be a boss. I learned how important it is to understand the business of music. AND I learned people still connect with good music from the heart.

Did you pick up any new skills? 

Yes! I’m cooking now. Every meal I make at home. We are what we eat.

What are you listening to at the moment? 

A lot of myself to be honest. When I can’t hear another note of my own voice I turn to Liz Vice. That woman’s music breathes life into my soul and keeps me smiling.

What’s next for you? 

I am ready to get back out in front of crowds. I am ready to tour!

Special thanks to Danielle Holian @ Liberty Music PR


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