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Single Review: “Dilithium” – Soliheen

Listening to this brings up a lot of questions.

Is Soliheen a Star Trek fan?
Where did he get that fat snare from?
Asking for a friend of course.. this track is making my Sunday morning walk to church that little bit more calmer even though it’s cold.. but it brings warmth to the soul.

What do we have here? We have a bubbling arpeggio to begin with which then fades away, and bringing in a lovely electric piano. The beat drops in at 0:21. The way it comes in is at mid step, the hi hat and the are the constant but the kick gives it a bit of a lean coming In on and off the beat. This is a solid groove!

Soliheen adds the sub bass much later, bringing with it a chunky high and synth playing the same chords as the EP, and it plays it out really well. 

Soliheen is a multi disciplinary creative that I have known for quite some time – I’ll need to check my journals but something tells me that it’s around this time that I actually met him for the first time 9 years ago, he’s an inspiration. Make sure you check out his other projects on Bandcamp too. 




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